Asian Greens

Asian Greens

Known by many names (Bok Choi, Pac Choi, etc.) or by the specific variety (Tatsoi, Joi Choi, Komatsuna, etc.). Essential to stir-fries and many Asian cuisines, these greens (mostly of the vitamin-rich cabbage/brassica family) are easy to grow, great in salads, easy to adapt to western cooking styles.


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Availability may vary by variety and with weather conditions.

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Storage Tips

  • Keep in the fridge in a plastic bag for up to a week - less if possible.

  • Don't wash before storing or it will go slimy.

  • Can be frozen. Remove woody stems, blanch and then freeze.

Preparation Tips

  • Separate the leaves and wash well.

  • The green leaf is often cooked separately to the much thicker, paler stalk. (2 veggies in one!)

  • In a stir fry, cut off the stalks and slice. Cook for a couple of minutes before adding the leaves for 2 minutes.

  • The inner leaves are more tender and work well, raw, in salads. The tougher, outer leaves taste better cooked.

  • Use in stir fries, chopped in salads, braised, roasted or add to a soup for the last few minutes of cooking.