Salad Turnips (Hakurei)

Salad Turnips (Hakurei)

The hakurei is a small white turnip from Japan. Not as spicy and much more sweet and fruity than typical turnips. As a member of the turnip family, both the bulbous root and the greens are editable. The greens do not have the small hairs that are found on other turnip greens and therefore can be eaten raw. Turnips There is evidence that the turnip was domesticated before the 15th century BC. In Japan, pickled turnips are also popular and are sometimes stir fried with salt/soy sauce. And the turnip leaf is included in the ritual of the Festival of Seven Herbs, called suzuna.


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Storage Tips

  • Once at home, remove the top greens as they rob nutrients of the roots;

  • The roots can be stored for few weeks at low temperatures (32°-35° F) and high relative humidity (95 percent or above);

  • Use top greens as early as possible as they lose nutrients rather quickly.

Preparation Tips

  • Cook greens as you would any other greens;

  • Sautéed and seasoned with some soy sauce, lemon juice and cayenne pepper;

  • Sliced thin and eaten raw;

  • Add slices to olives and cherry tomatoes to make delicious appetizer;

  • Roast in the oven with other roasted vegetables;

  • Excellent cubed or sliced and pickled.